Electric Infrared Heaters

When you are cold, what you really want in an equivalent of the sun in your house. You want to be able to absorb the heat without burning your skin with ultraviolet rays. The closest many people have come is the good, old, reliable space heater or a fireplace.

Unbelievably, though, the space heater or contemporary gas log fireplace is not the only modern options for heating an enclosed space or a room. For many reasons, infrared electric heaters have proven beneficial to users. Infrared heater electric power works by radiating electromagnetic waves – which make the temperatures rise in dwellings a lot quicker than many other heat sources. Most electric infrared heaters can heat up to 1,000 square feet. Here are some more benefits for going infrared.

Heat Your Body Before You Heat the Room

Normally, in a given cold room, a heater is turned on to warm up the room and then allow heat from the room to warm the human bodies in the room. The way that electric infrared heaters work, though, is they allow heat to be transferred directly to the bodies in the path of the heater. So, heat is moving from a body with a higher temperature (the heater) to one with a lower temperature (the humans).

Like most regular space heaters, the electric infrared heater can be run on electricity or use a fuel like propane or natural gas for heating. The difference: the heat that comes from an infrared electric heater is absorbed by human skin and clothing. Light used by infrared heaters is not visible, soaks in beneath the skin to cell level, whereas light from regular heaters is visible, and bounces off skin. Infrared heat penetrates the skin up to 3.5 inches. Therefore, an infrared heater could heat a human body in a room before it actually heats the room.

Be Warmed By Heat That Is Not Dry

If you have ever noticed what happens to the moisture in the air with most heaters, you know that heat tends to make moisture disappear. The way the heating process is even able to take place is that removing moisture increases heat. Many who still want to keep warm find themselves either using a humidifier or placing a small bowl of water somewhere in the room in order to maintain the moisture in the room. Those with health conditions that are escalated by dry heat find themselves having to do this constantly. Otherwise, there is a lot of coughing, dry eyes and dry throats that tend to develop. Electric infrared heaters allow you to keep moisture in the room.

Save Up to 50 Percent on Your Heating Bill

The furniture or other objects in the room soak up around 80 percent of the energy generated by a portable electric infrared heater; this creates less of a need for you to push the temperature up on your regular thermostat. This has been shown to cut heating bills in half.

Among the available infrared heater brands, which each have their own advantages, there are those that take full advantage of a process called staging. This feature allows owners to use only a part of the total capacity for the heater instead of letting it stay completely on or completely off. This can help keep the temperature stable rather than having it go up and down and having to move the control too often.

Improve Your Health

Although there has been much myth surrounding the dangers of electric infrared heaters, they are actually quite safe. In fact, the way that the heat penetrates through the skin helps to improve blood circulation, gets rid of any aches that might recur in joints and muscles, reduces stiffness between bones, makes you much more agile for bending and lifting, takes away cramps in the muscles and gets rid of high-energy particles in the body that can damage cells. Those particles, called free radicals, lead to some forms of cancer when they are allowed to accumulate in the body.

Go Green With Radiant Heat

Opinions vary on how environmentally friendly electric infrared heaters can be. It often depends on what materials are used to make the heater, how the heater is manufactured and what power source you are using (electric or fuel). Some factors that have made more people claim a “green” label for these heaters are the fact that there is no open flame and they do not emit harmful gases or fumes into the air. They also do not take any moisture out of the air, they keep the air in the room oxygen-rich and they do not require any gas lines. Since it is one of the cleanest ways of heating, some states have even made it possible for customers who heat using infrared furnaces to heat their homes to receive rebates on their bills.

Whether you choose EdenPure, Fire Sense, LifeSmart, Comfort Zone, Solar Comfort or some other brand that can be ordered for you, there is an electric infrared heater to fit your heating needs and design tastes. Some may prefer Solar Comfort’s high-end Polytron woven air filter used to take dust and debris out of the air; others like the fact that EdenPure heaters stay cool to the touch on the surface when they are turned on. No matter what your liking may be, you can customize how you use a heater to bring the sun inside your house.

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