Safe And Cost-Effective Electric Infrared Radiant Heaters


Electric infrared radiant heaters have numerous uses and offer many advantages. They’re effective and energy efficient. They also come in many different sizes from small and ultra portable to large industrial models. Their versatility makes them a great household just-in-case item to own because you really never know when you might need them. When the need hits, you’ll be beyond glad that you invested in one of these handy electric heaters. 

The cool thing about electric infrared radiant heaters is that, unlike coil heaters and furnaces, they don’t heat the air in front of them. They heat the objects around them so that the maximum amount of heat is absorbed for use rather than lost to heated air that just rises out of useful ranges only to cool down once again. Electric infrared heaters are great for use in homes, apartments, offices, and warehouses. They’re also perfect for outdoors and in places like basements or garages that don’t need a constant heat source. Which heater you’ll most benefit from will vary depending on the purpose you most need it to serve.

Determining the Best Infrared Electric Heater for Home/Apartment Use

The infrared technology that’s used in these heaters is clean and emits no smell. They’re perfectly safe for use indoors without worry of harmful emissions or foul smells. They’re also safe to touch and have automatic shut-off features so they won’t overheat and risk catching fire. Most of them are very quiet, if not completely silent, but pay attention to those with fans to aid in air circulation. While this makes the product more efficient, it can also add to the overall noisiness of the heater. This may not matter much to you if you plan to use the heater in a garage or workshop, for example, but may be highly undesirable in a bedroom, baby’s room, or TV room. So, just be sure to try it out and make sure that the noise level is acceptable for the area where the heater will be used.

For a small apartment or a fairly small enclosed space in a home, you want something that is small and quiet so it won’t get in the way or interfere with your daily activities, but can still heat the entire desired area quickly. The EdenPURE Gen3 500 Personal Heater is all you need to heat a small area like a bedroom or bathroom, and it’s quiet enough for use in your or your baby’s bedroom. It can safely and efficiently heat rooms up to 300 square feet without getting in the way. Plus, weighing in at only 19 pounds, this portable electric infrared heater is small enough that you can easily take it with you for added comfort if you tend to be cold-natured, or if you’re visiting somewhere with cooler temperatures than what you’re accustomed to.

Determining the Best Infrared Electric Heater for Office/Warehouse Use

For use in smaller offices and such, you can benefit just as well by small home models of electric infrared heaters. However, if you’re attempting to use electric infrared heaters to beat the chill in a larger office or warehouse setting, you probably want a heater that’s a little larger and packs a little more power to take on the size difference.

The EdenPURE Gen3 1000 is a great model for use in larger offices or open warehouse spaces. It can heat an enclosed room of up to 1000 square feet in about 15 minutes without removing humidity from the air. The result is comfortable warmth rather than the stuffy, dry heat produced by coil heaters. Comfort Zone has also made some fantastic improvements to its products, like the Comfort Zone SafeGuard 1500 which comes in an attractive cherry wood variety, among others. The most notable improvement is their utilization of stainless steel diffusers which produce as much as 14 percent more heat than older models as well as those of competitors. They also don’t require much maintenance and promise up to 20,000 hours of use perfect for throwing in the corner of an office and basically forgetting about it other than to turn it on and off.

Determining the Best Infrared Electric Heater for Outdoor Use

Naturally, if you wish to use a heater outdoors there are some additional details that you should pay attention to. The product absolutely must specifically state that it’s safe for outdoor use. Using a heater outdoors that’s not meant for outdoor use could potentially place you and your family and friends in danger as well as cause damage to the unit.

Fire Sense makes some impressive outdoor electric heaters. Their wall-mounted patio heater units, like the sleek and subtle black 60460 model, create a nine foot blanket of heat that’s unaffected by the wind. They can also be used inside, but their protective aluminum outer covering and mounting brackets make them the perfect portable electric infrared heater for outdoors. The Fire Sense model number 60404 is also ideal for outdoors. It consists of three separate bulbs that radiate outward from the center and the entire unit attaches to any standard umbrella pole in the center of a patio table.


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