The Best Of The Best According To Infrared Quartz Heaters Reviews

What Infrared Quartz Heaters Reviews Are Saying

After going through all the infrared quartz heaters reviews on the World Wide Web, we’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a growing awareness and appreciation for the unique heating value of the appliances in question.  Our findings are based on consumer reports and from Amazon and eHow reviews.  On the top of the list is EdenPURE with the company’s quartz infrared heater models being mentioned often.  However, when it comes to the sheer number of votes, nothing beats the Optimus H-5210 quartz infrared portable heater as far as price and overall customer satisfaction are concerned.

How the Quartz Infrared Portable Heater Saves You Money

Standard heating uses a process similar to an oven, using ordinary electric coils that degrade easily.  Quartz infrared heaters, in contrast, enclose sophisticated wiring in a tube or bulb quartz casing.  Among other benefits, this traps heat, causing generation to become more efficient; no wonder on a per hour basis, an average of between five to ten cents in power consumption savings can easily be realized.  Even more savings come with the quartz infrared heater being used to heat only occupied parts of a room.  Thus, the quartz infrared heater has earned the moniker, space heater or object heater.  It only heats objects or persons, not the air.

The Best Quartz Infrared Heater for a Home/Apartment

Based on infrared quartz heaters reviews, the Optimus H-5210 wins the race.  This is understandable because as the cheapest of the bunch, the fact that it shares all the good qualities of the heater class to which it belongs can only multiply its value based on consumer perception.  However, because it is a small machine, it is better confined to small, enclosed spaces such as a child’s room or the closet. Meanwhile, eHow reviews have taken a liking for Procom #ML100TBA for two reasons.  First it was cited by the Galt Home Buying Guides and second, this one is powered by propane unlike most quartz infrared heaters, which for some homes make for a genuine alternative.

Second in popularity when it comes to infrared quartz heaters reviews is the EdenPURE Sun Twin 1500.  While the model has only earned two stars out of five, it figures prominently in eHow and Amazon reviews as well as ConsumerReports.  Had the situation been a beauty contest, the EdenPURE model would have been a strong contender for the Miss Congeniality title.  However, if the Amazon barometer alone was used, two models could have upset the results, according to SearchWarp.  For example, the iHeater IH 1500, followed by the Dr Heater DR-968 have averaged between three to four stars.

The Comfort Furnace family of quartz infrared heaters deserve special mention for their attractive design meant to enhance the interior design of a modern home.  Just some of these models are the English Oak, Tuscan Walnut, and the Matte Black, which form part of the company’s own 1500 series.  The last model looks perfect in a game room, almost resembling a vintage jukebox.

The Best Quartz Infrared Heater for the Office/Warehouse

For the office, the EdenPURE GEN3 1000 quartz makes a great candidate.  Survey says that this one almost made it to three stars’ fame, had it not been for its almost cumbersome temperature control (ConsumerReports as cited in eHow).  Nevertheless,   it is especially notable for the way it fits most office interiors to a T.  Further, it’s cheaper than the average EdenPURE by $200, which is something that an office administrator will certainly take into consideration, in addition to fitting most corporate environments.

A Quartz Infrared Heater Fit for a King

For the office of the CEO, the black version will make quite an impression.  For a workforce used to centralized heating, the quartz infrared heater might take getting used to, but when it comes to personalized heating and the savings that can be realized, even the budget department should be happy.  Where a warehouse setting is concerned, the Dayton lineup of quartz infrared heaters is the undisputed kings because of their reputedly 100 percent heating efficiency.  These models are also known to cover areas as large as 500 square feet.  Clearly, nobody can beat these hard working quartz infrared heaters in their home turf.

The Best Quartz Infrared Heater for Outside/Outdoors

With a little help from awnings, gazebo, or beach umbrella, the focused heating of quartz heaters is particularly suited.  The Fire Sense Telescoping Indoor/Outdoor Stainless Steel quartz infrared heater wins handily with its lean construction that makes it less prone to wind and other factors.  The Solaira Alpha Series comes in second.  Rated as the company’s most powerful heating system, these wall-mounted quartz infrared heaters use a patented Philips technology.  It enhances the special talent of the quartz infrared heater for directional heating that in the environment in question can easily dissipate.

The Verdict According to Infrared Quartz Heaters Reviews

In summary, the Optimus H-5210 has made it to the top spot, based on most infrared quartz heaters reviews culled from satisfied customers.  It is followed by two popular EdenPURE models, and the Dr Heater and iHeater dark horses.  When creativity and ingenuity of design are considered, the office and labor environments can become much better places with the cited EdenPURE, Dayton and Comfort Furnace models.  However, in the outdoor frontier, the Fire Sense and Solaira Alpha series can easily win the race.  Consumers have spoken and online, this is the law.  From all indications, infrared quartz heaters are here to stay.

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